Flowers have the ability to add grace and beauty in every occasion and most of our social occasions are incomplete without flowers. They are also great items to send as a gift or to commemorate any occasion. Flowers can never be considered out of fashion and are evergreen symbols of beauty .The type and variety of flowers available with the florists Sydney also make them ideal for matching with every type of events that can come in a year. Fresh flowers which are in perfect condition are always the best for any type of flower delivery Sydney.Before buying flowers, here are a few tips to help you choose the right flowers for any occasion.


Flowers are delicate in nature and they need to be stored properly. When exposed to the elements, most flowers will nor last for a long time. Most delicate flowers cannot withstand harsh sun rays, winds and snowy environments.Open windows and outlets of any heating or cooling source should be avoided while storing flowers. Most florists arrange for a proper storage of flowers in a cool environment that will keep the flowers fresh for a long time. If you have bought the flowers on the day before the occasion, it is best that you keep them in a refrigerator, to keep them fresh for longer periods.


Inspect the flowers

A close inspection of the selected flowers is necessary before purchasing them for any occasion. The flowers best for choosing are neither fully bloomed nor are they tightly shut like a bud. The fully bloomed flowers will wither away quickly whereas those in a bud form may never open up. It is best to select flowers which are in an intermediate state of blooming. Before selecting any cheap flower delivery Sydney it is important that you check the quality of the flowers and make sure that they are not damaged in any way. In case they are, you can return them as most online florists have a customer satisfaction policy. Whichever florist you choose, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the flowers, it is best that you highlight the issue at the earliest.


Select the theme

A certain amount of planning is necessary before picking flowers and hence it is important that you set the theme of the occasion before you start buying the flowers. If it is a wedding event, it is best to pick a colour in accordance with the theme of the wedding and then select the flowers to match that. You can set up a modern or a traditional decoration and then choose the type and colour of the flowers to complement that set up.


Flower conditions

Flowers should have a firm stem which should be cut in an angular fashion to transfer water better and keep them fresh for longer periods. If you check the flowers, they should feel firm proving that there is no unnecessary moisture in them. It is best to avoid any flower which is in a wrinkled state or the petals of which have turned brown at some point. Fresh flowers should not have too much water on them as excess water may lead to rotting, especially for flowers like roses. You can always ask the deliverer or the florists sydney about how long the flowers have been cut, to get an idea about the number of days they will stay fresh.


Type of flowers

The type of flowers that has been used to design a bouquet determine show long it will last as each flower has a different lifetime. For example, if you are arranging for roses delivery Sydney, you should know that carnations will last longer than roses whereas a flower like the orchid will outlast the carnations. It is best to choose seasonal flowers as these are available in the best quality and will last longer than the non-seasonal varieties. Non-seasonal flowers will not only cost you more but are also more likely to be of inferior quality.


A budget

It is always important to fix a budget before you start purchasing flowers for any event. A reputed florist will help you to get the best floral arrangements within your budget limit and they also have consultants who can help you with the best choices. You can also depend on the florists and provide him with a figure so that he can do the needful to get the best flowers for you.It is always best that you remain open towards the suggestions offered and discuss your theme and decoration patterns with the florists so that they can provide you with the best ideas.


A flexible approach

While buying flowers it is best that you do not remain fixed on the type or the colour while you are out to buy them. At times it may be difficult to get the flowers that you have thought of, as on a certain day the lilies may look fresher than the roses. It is best to choose whatever looks best as afresh flower of a different colour is always better than a worn out bunch of the colour of your choice.


The arrangement

When you are decorating your home with flowers for a particular occasion,it is best to consider the arrangement first, especially the type of vase that you will use. A wide range of vases of various shapes are available and different vases are ideal for setting up different types of flowers. So before selecting a flower make sure about the type of vase that you will be using to keep them. For the best results, it is best that you trim and arrange the flowers in the vase as quickly as possible to extend their lifetime.



These are some points that you can keep in mind while purchasing flowers for an occasion, to ensure that you select the finest. Once you have purchased them make sure that you follow the right procedures to make them last for the longest possible period.