Narcissus flower is the December birth flower and the first to bloom during this month. It belongs to the species of daffodils looks like them. This winter flower also holds a fascinating background. Besides being perfect for gifting to people having a birthday in December, they are also used for Christmas decoration. If you want  wish someone for birthday, we can deliver it being a leading online florist Sydney.

Narcissus Origin

Narcissus – December birth flower is of Mediterranean origin. Despite its origin, it traveled to Asia, other parts of Europe, and to North America. It is also liked by other countries such as the Great Britain, Mexico, and Holland. It is also adopted in Australia. Being the winter flower, it can survive the toughest of cold weather. So you can order flowers online Sydney with us for the entire month.

Owing to its color and fragrance, these flowers from the bulbous and hardy plant are used in several floral arrangements during December. They are so beautiful that you can have them even for holiday decoration. But don't use them near your dining or cooking area since the plants are toxic by nature. Botanical experts also advise people to keep them away from children and pets. As a birthday gift for December and for decoration, you can buy flowers online Sydney from us.

Narcissus Birth Flower

Narcissus Mythology

This winter flower has derived its name from a character in Greek mythology called Narcissus. Narcissus was a hunter by profession and famous for his good looks. He was so in awe with his handsomeness that to see how he looks, he leaned forward to see his reflection in a pond. In that attempt, he fell and drowned. It is believed that Apollo then transformed him into a flower and gave it the same name.

Narcissus Flower

Narcissus symbolic meaning

The narcissus flowers symbolize goodwishes, success, and sweetness. They are also gifted to show the recipient that he/she is the “the only one.” In Chinese and Kurdish culture, they symbolizethe new year being the only flowers blooming in the spring. Narcissus flowers also symbolize good luck for the new year. Since they as well mean hope, the narcissus is adopted as the emblem by cancer societies around the world.

Narcissus Flower meaning

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