Marigold flowers look absolutely stunning and beautiful. They are just perfect to impress anyone and win anyone's heart. You can gift a nice bouquet of marigold flower from flower delivery Sydney Florist and make your pal happy. The marigold flower is a symbol of achievement, good times and cheerfulness.

But, the flower has so many qualities that it is used in various things, if you are planning to send flowers Sydney to your friend, you should know these five things about marigold.

Five things you should know about Marigold Flower:

You can eat Marigold Flower:

Yes! The calendula species of marigold is used in various dishes like salads, for dressings, and much more. These flowers have herbal quality and have a good amount of antioxidants. These marigold flowers help in curing many diseases.


Marigold flowers attract more butterflies:

As compared to other flowers, the marigold flower attracts more butterflies which will make your garden more beautiful and vibrant. Most caterpillars make their home on these flowers and stay there. It's a good idea to plant a bunch of marigold flowers in your garden and make the place more enjoyable.


Marigolds are insect repellent

Marigold holds this essential property of keeping insects away from your beautiful flowers and garden. They have an insect repellent chemical which keeps all the bugs away and protects your flowers from any kind of damage. You can plant marigold at the boundary of your garden so that the insects and bugs will not interfere in your place.

marigold flower

It's good for skin and eyes:

The calendula species of the marigold family is used in curing skin and eyes. Many beauticians use the marigold flower extracts to heal your skin from dark spots, wrinkles, and blackheads. Marigold is also used to remove the dark circles under the eyes. All in all, it holds good beauty enhancing properties.

marigold benefits

Marigolds can get very tall as well

If you imagine about the marigold flower, how tall it can go? Actually, there are many species of marigold which can go very tall in some regions. The marigold flower can go up to 3-4 feet long, unlike other flowers. The height of marigold can go anywhere from 6 inches to 4 feet.

tall plant

So, these were some amazing facts about marigold before you gift them to anyone. Still thinking to gift marigold to your friends? If you are in Sydney, then you must check out Fresh Flower Sydney, they are the best florists Sydney hub which has a vivid variety of flowers to choose and gift, this is the best order flowers online Sydney florist.