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  • 06 Sep 2018

      Learn How To Make Perfect Flower Bouquet Like A Pro

    Worried about how to make a perfect flower bouquet to impress or surprise someone special. So let us tell you don’t need to be a professional to make that perfect one. If you are a starter then it’s advisable to make it simple with right flower selection and to save on time you can rely on online florists Sydney  to deliver those fresh flowers at your doorstep.Let’s get started:First thing first you need to arrange some fresh flowers and foliage. If you are confused which blooms will be durable try searching online florist who has a wide range of flowers to choose ...
  • 21 Aug 2018

      August Birth Flower: Gladiolus

    A bouquet of fresh-cut flowers is the common gift one gets on his or her birthday. It surely brightens the day of the celebrator and gives him or her a reason to smile. But when the bouquet features birth flowers, it becomes more special. If your loved one is celebrating a birthday in August, then gift  gladiolus. The bright and stunning gladiolus is the August birth flowers.Overview of GladiolusGladiolus belongs to the Iris family. It is indigenous to tropical Africa, and surrounding areas of the Mediterranean and Middle East. It blooms on a long stem with pointed leaves that appears ...
  • 06 Aug 2018

      How to Keep Your Flowers Alive Longer

    It's very painful to see flowers wild and die after a fewdays.  Since nature has provided flowers with a short life and made them ephemeral, there is nothing that can be done to extend their lives. At the most, we can slow down the wilting or dying process for flowers with some tricks. These few hacks will help you in keeping flowers alive longer. Use a Clean VaseWhen using the old vase for fresh-cut flowers, clean it thoroughly with hot, soapy water. Use a sponge to remove the grim and dirt that might have accumulated inside the vase for being ...
  • 27 Jul 2018

      Health Benefits of Flowers

    Flowers have always been the epitome of love, beauty, care, hope, trust, friendship, and loyalty. They are loved in any shapes and colors and can transform any bland atmosphere into a stimulating one. But do you know flowers offer health benefits too? You will be head over heels when you know these health benefits of flowers.Stress busterFlowers have the magic to calm our senses and soothe our mind instantly. Just one glance at them, and we at once feel drop in stress level. The natural color and beauty of blossoms help us forget our problems for a while and make ...
  • 18 Jul 2018

      July Birth Flower – Larkspur

    Larkspurs were originally found in Europe,and have been adopted by the North America because of their irresistible beauty and medicinal properties. They are the species of the delphinium genus and bloom once in a year. They are considered as a protective plant and are used toward off poisonous snakes and as a cure for scorpion bite. Larkspurs are also used by the people of England in bath water, not as a beauty regime, but as a protection against ghosts and magic. The plants of these flowers can grow up to5 to 6 feet that bear blossoms in red, purple, yellow, ...