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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

                                                                                 Refunds and Replacements Policy 

In spite of the fact that we would like to just hear uplifting news, we realize that the way of our item is presented to more noteworthy investigation and desire than most. So If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the quality or precision of your request, please email us to report the issue. We will be glad to offer assistance. 

For Non-Deliveries: 

On the off chance that your request never dispatched or wasn't delivered, then we will deliver you a free substitution at no extra cost. Likewise, we will discount you the first delivery charge due to non delivery. In the event that you are totally disappointed and don't need re-conveyance of your request, then we will issue back a full discount if craved. 

For Quality Issues (flower vendor conveyed): 

On the off chance that the you are asking for a substitution, you must demand the substitution inside of 3 days from when it was conveyed. 

Since we work with third gathering dispatches, it is essential that you send a photo of the game plan with your email. We know this may be a bother, however it is our obligation to be delicate to our flower specialists whose business rely on upon us.

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