Wedding anniversaries are the time torelax, enjoy, and strengthen the bond of romance. These loving moments not onlyremind us about the time spent together, but also encourage us to strengthenmatrimonial relationship. So wedding anniversaries have to be taken seriously.And when it's the 60th one, revisiting those precious years spentwith your spouse and living the moment to the heart's content is must. Enjoythis spectacular event in your life, and be grateful to your spouse from beingtogether for such a long time by presenting him or her with a bouquet. Makeyour 60th anniversary special with these flowers.


Reaching 60 glorious years in marriage is special. Very few are fortunate to attain this feat. Since you are closer to achieving it, having high-octane celebration makes sense. And when the moment is special, flowers have specific and appropriate. For a special moment like 60thanniversary, orchids are the best flowers. They are especially meant to heighten the joy of this spectacular moment. For sharing love, long life, and offering strength to overcome challenges of life, gift your spouse a bouquet of orchids. These cute flowers signify beauty, love, refinement, strength, and luxury. As you've got all these in your partner, that for 60 years, what else could be a perfect gift than orchids. Purple, pink, yellow, orange – any color is perfect for gifting.

Orchids Bouquet

Decoration flowers for anniversary

While orchids are the most suitable flowersfor 60th anniversary, there are other beautiful blossoms using whichyou can have a grand celebration. These decoration flowers are best for indoorand outdoor celebration in case you are throwing a party to friends,colleagues, and relatives. You can create various decorative flowerarrangements and make the event lively.

Decoration for Anniversary

Table centerpiece

As guests will be pouring in forcongratulating you and your spouse on this phenomenal achievement, decoratingthe dining table with a beautiful centerpiece will create a romantic vibe. Useand mix combination of purple and white orchids, roses, marigold, and whitetulips for creating stunning table centerpieces.

Table Centrepieces for Anniversary

Create a stunning environment

If the anniversary party is organized athome, turn it into a venue that radiates joy, happiness, and enjoyment. You canuse daisies, lilies, irises, carnations, asters, and snapdragons for adorningceiling, living room walls, and the entrance door. Make a floral display in aheart shape, and hang it on the wall or door. Or create strings of theseflowers and hang it everywhere they look good.

Stunning Decoration

Staircase floral decoration

If your home has a staircase, or the venuewhere the anniversary party is organized, create stunning visuals by decoratingit with flowers. A usual combination of roses and green foliage can give astunning look to the staircase. Using flowers and herbs to make the staircaseboundary attractive will surely attract attention of your guests.

Floral Decoration for Staircase

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